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What did we do all day?

Posted by Dows on April 21, 2009

Evening all,

Over the weekend I enjoyed the delights of staying with my parents. Now I’m one of the rare beasts who actually like their parents. My dad is stupidly funny and I really value the time I have with my Mam since her health scare last year.

I love the nostalgic feel of going through your old front door, sleeping in your bed, heck even dropping one in your old bog has a lot of good memories.

You spend the first  couple of hours catching up, telling them that, seriously, your all right. Finding out how your old mates from primary school are doing. It’s great. Home cooked food, getting your clothes washed for you. It’s all good!

Then into about the third hour the inevitable happens…

It's Dawson crying... That's almost Dowson.

It's Dawson Crying... That' nearly Dowson

You become so bored you could cry.

You miss your PC

Your Xbox

Your DVD’s

Your pub.

I mean what the hell are you mean’t to do after that 3 hour lull. I tried digging up my old Playstation, but that was bricked. I went to go out and play but I realised I was 23. And there is only so many times you can make Lego boobies.

I resorted to drink but im begining to realise thats my default posistion for many of my troubles… can’t be healthy.




As a fatman I can only apologise… Cakes are worth the destruction of the planet. It’s that simple.

Also how hillarious are the pictures they have used. The polar bear on the verge of drowning du to last nights KFC…



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