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The Return Of Magic Boy

Posted by Dows on April 27, 2009

So i’m at the  Grand Designs Live! Convention for the rest of this week at the ExCel Centre in London.

I dont watch Grand Designs… for someone who works for a housing a charity for a living I know that sounds crap but I just dont get the obsession that this country has with housing porn, which is essentially what it is. It almost seems to have the element thats its laughing at you. It’s uber tanned presenter mocking you with his sub-concious ‘Ha! Look at what you could afford if you hadn’t of got that cheap whore pregnant which made you give up your promising rock career.’

SO anyways this convention is KING huge. Loads of people walking around looking for ways to show off to their neighbours that the recession hasn’t touched them one bit. It’s all rather extravagant really, and every stall without exception is touting itself as the green way of re-vamping your home. One stall owner proudly told me that the lamp i was gazing at was made of 100% recycled women’s tights. My immediate question was how could he be so sure they all belonged to women, the one that lingered was how the hell does a guy look at a set of tights and think ‘Wait! There’s a market here…’

Laa-Laa had to find his own place after playing with his Tinky Winky

Laa-Laa had to find his own place after playing with his Tinky Winky

I also got a chance to look at the HOUSE OF THE FUTURE! THE WONDER OF MODERN SCIENCE!

I mean just look at it… I know the Teletubbies gag is obvious but i mean would you just fucking look at it. Thats the Future kid’s. Im not a hunderd percent sure but im pretty sure I saw more advanced huts when I last watched ‘Braveheart.’ Still cheerful to know that soon we will all be living in Hobbiton, all be it some kind of Giga-Shire with millions of lost Hobbits.

Still one must venture on.

So Shelter have been given some free space to set up our own little stall. We built our marvellous red house, which is probably going to be its last trip. So we setup and are all ready to engage the eager public. Slight flaws in this simple of plans. First of all most of our materials haven’t turned up, the tv we have is rubbish, the stand for it broken and the dvd itself lasts 16 seconds.

Cocks, was the official outcry.

So my boss leaves me to fend for myself while he skidadles to the otherside of London. What the hell am I gonna do now?

Turns out I had the BEST IDEA EVAR!LOLZ, sorry, a really good idea. The campaign we were promoting was our House of Cards campaign (see it’s well good). I suddenly realise I have brought my old college bag with me for the trip. I wonder… HUZZAH! My old cards were in there.

For anyone who doesn’t know I use to do magic. Street stuff mainly but I did work for in a few places when I was about 17. Could this be the unique hook we were looking for. Bare in mind that I havent practiced this stuff in easily 5 years. I went out and talked to some people. Showed them a trick, got them hooked and signed up to the campaign. Worked a treat for the whole day.

I’d missed that feeling of being able to surprise people, confuse them and make them laugh. The patter hadn’t gone, in fact it was better. My college years of being Magic Boy were coming out again. I realised that it was this stuff that gave me the confidence as a kid to talk to random strangers, that got me into face2face campaigning.

Having a Hotel on Park Lane works out in the end

Having a Hotel on Park Lane works out in the end

Good day then, im now practicing some of my old classics for tomorrow. I mean ive got a week to kill.

Oh and here is our beautiful red house.



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